1. ALARKO Contracting group, which is the subsidiary of ALARKO Group of Companies, working in the contracting business in and out of Turkey, accepts the principle of protecting and giving no harm to the environment in all work places and activities as one of the main goals, based on the 2nd article of the Main Philosophy oh the ALARKO Holding which reads ”To keep the equilibrium of nature as top priority”

2. Reviews all its activities systematically from the viewpoint of possible damages on the environment and plans its activities by taking necessary measures in advance. Trains and acknowledges employees in order to make them aware about environmental issues.

3. Complies with the effective legislation about protection of environment and considers the requirements of customers/specifications as minimum obligation.

4. Takes necessary precautions and make others do the same in order to protect natural sources, any artifact with historical values, and to prevent contamination of air, water and soil, to leave environment as it is founded, and also to minimize the adverse effects on natural inhabitants, even to improve them in all activities.

5. Implements new methods and working forms which reduce consumption level of energy, water, paper and other natural resources. Aims the reduction of wastes and collection separately and recycling of such wastes.

6. Evaluates all advices and/or complaints received about environmental issues, takes necessary measures and informs the public accordingly.

7. Reviews the environmental performance periodically, prepares action plans and improves the system continuously.