Alarko Contracting Group that undertakes construction contracts both home abroad has made it its basic policy to protect the environment in all its operations and activities with the full commitment of its employees, its expert team of engineers and the sub-industry.

The Alarko Contracting Group systematically reviews all its activities and products and services that it provides, designs, manufactures and uses in terms of their potential impact on the environment and takes necessary measures in advance before it starts working on a project.

We give our employees all necessary training and education to enlighten them on issues of environmental protection and the efficient use of natural resources. We consider compliance with the requirements of national / international legislation and customer / project demands, protecting the environment and following technological developments as our basic responsibility.

In all its activities, the company takes necessary measures to protect natural assets and historic monuments, to protect the natural life, to prevent water, air, noise and soil pollution, to keep the environment clean, and to improve it. It applies methods and modes of operation that ensure the efficient use of natural resources such as energy, water, paper and it aims at reducing the amount of waste produced and recycling waste separately.

It takes a proactive approach to processing all kinds of feedback, suggestions and complaints that it receives, takes the necessary steps towards tackling areas that need improvement and informs the public.

The Alarko Contracting Group conducts, reviews, and implements its practices using Internal Audit, Performance Measurement / Monitoring methods and its state-of-the-art reporting system to achieve its environmental objectives, and tries to improve its management system on a continuous basis.

This policy is consistently reviewed to ensure compliance.

Scope of the Environmental Management System

ALSİM ALARKO Sanayi Tesisleri ve Ticaret AŞ (ALARKO Contracting Group) is engaged in the business of constructing infrastructure, all sorts of buildings, industrial plants and power plants in Turkey and abroad.

Infrastructure facilities include all types of water and wastewater treatment plants, gas and fuel pipelines, metro and railway systems, airports, roads and dams. Our projects include the construction of refineries, petrochemical plants and fully built turn-key factories. The company is also engaged in the construction of all kinds of housing, business centers, hotels and hospitals.

Environmental Management System
- The products / services provided by ALARKO Contracting Group cover all the operations it carries out taking into account the needs and expectations of the interested parties and related parties. When carrying out these operations, the most advanced organization and management systems are used and the projects are so planned as to be finished in the shortest time frame possible and deliver the best results in terms of quality, with special focus on protecting the environment and compliance with occupational health and safety rules. We have adopted a Total Quality Management system to achieve these targets. The structure of the organization changes according to the number, size and geographical location of the projects undertaken to make our work processes more dynamic and flexible to keep up with the demands of the project at hand.

The Environmental Management System covers our Central Office within the precincts of the neighborhood of Dikilitaş in Beşiktaş/Istanbul District, which has been built in full compliance with the EN ISO 14001: 2015 (TS EN ISO 14001)Standard (Environmental Management Systems) , our Warehouse in Tuzla/ Istanbul and all other areas affected by our project activities and our 3rd party contractors.